The profit and loss account

Loosing one’s job can be one o f the most traumatic life experiences. But the final profits and losses balance of such a situation depends to a very large extent, on us. Thanks to projects funded by the European Union, it becomes possible to pass smoothly through this critical professional period. Read the story of Luiza Hornik, a resident of Katowice.

The photograph shows Pawel Knop. The man in a plaid shirt with short hair is leaning against a brick wall. His arms are folded across his chest.

Paweł Knop,
Project Office Director of Rudzka Agencja Rozwoju INWESTOR Sp. z o.o.

People who are made redundant for workplace reasons are specific and diverse. On the one hand, these are former employees who have not yet fallen out of rhythm and are actively seeking employment. On the other hand, they are exposed to heavy stress. In most cases they quickly lose confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, it is important to respond immediately and with adequate support. Working with this group is different than, for example, with the long-term unemployed, where the focus is on the assistance spread over time and concentrated on many aspects. In the case of “fresh” jobless people, support must be precise, specific and, above all, quick.

This was the goal we set ourselves when implementing the “Direction: Change – 2nd edition!” project. The first edition proved to be very successful. We have easily exceeded assumed indicators. Seeing that our activities are needed and bring expected results, we decided to run another edition. The support was directed again to people who were in the period of notice or dismissed for reasons connected with the workplace. We organized career counseling, psychological counseling, workshops on soft skills, vocational training and activation in the form of subsidized employment. Vocational courses were the least popular. However, this did not surprise us. After all, we dealt with people with specific and up-to-date qualifications who were simply hoping for help in finding new employment. And that has worked out admirably. The planned number of 22 participants eventually changed to 32. We left no one without support.

Luiza Hornik,
project participant

After graduating from law school, I was employed at a car dealership in Silesia as an administrative clerk. It was a chance for me to grow and gain new experience. Unexpectedly, a few weeks later, due to a reorganization, my employer informed me that he needed to terminate my contract. I was left without a job.

I found myself in a difficult life situation. However, I did not give up and quickly started looking for a new job. This time I focused solely on legal sector. I was a fresh graduate with no experience, which greatly limited my chances. From a colleague, I learned about a project of the Rudzka Agencja Rozwoju that could help me follow my dream career path.

I started with career counseling. My initial skepticism quickly turned into great interest as the counseling was conducted by professionals who helped me learn more about my strengths and weaknesses and see what I needed to work on. I also benefited from psychological support, self-presentation workshops and, most importantly, subsidized employment.

I am in my second year of working as a lawyer in the firm of the legal advisor I came to through participation in the project. I work in the sector of my interest, which gives me satisfaction and the opportunity to develop. Had it not been for the EU assistance, my transition from one job to another would certainly not have been as smooth. I heartily recommend participation in the project to everyone who has such an opportunity.

The photograph shows Luiza Hornik. The woman with long blond hair is elegantly dressed. She is standing in the double doors and smiling.


Direction: Change - 2nd edition!
Beneficiary: Rudzka Agencja Rozwoju INWESTOR Sp. z o.o.
Project amount: ca. PLN 1 million
ROP SV subsidy: ca. PLN 1 million
Implementation period: August 2018 - January 2021