A completely new perspective

Many young people tend to make various mistakes at the beginning of their professional career. Some can be easily corrected, others can affect their professional career for years, directing them to a random path. Economists are warning that in the future it will not be a lack of jobs, but a shortage of qualifications of workers that may have dire consequences for the economy. A comprehensive support was directed to this group by a consulting company from Chorzów. The opportunities it offered were used by many young people, including Ewelina Wojtas.

The photograph shows Agnieszka Niewierska. The woman with straight, light hair has her hands folded.

Agnieszka Niewierska,
Acting Project Coordinator from Recon Consulting Sp. z o.o.

18 percent of Poland’s population is aged 15-29. That is why we focus our attention primarily on young people, who have great potential. Analyses sometimes yield disturbing observations. This includes employers’ fear of hiring young people. The reason is well known - it is the lack of experience, which in the course of education they did not have a chance to gain. The statistics also show a great number of people who have gone abroad to work or those who come from so-called difficult backgrounds. Let us also not forget those who are working, but often on worse conditions than expected, i.e. employed on a short-term basis, with low wages.

The premise of our project was simple. Support began with career counseling and job matching. After determining an Individual Action Plan, participants took part in training (soft skills, vocational, computer), and then could take the advantage of the internship or subsidized employment. We know from experience that such a plan gives the best results. We managed to activate over 340 people, although it was not easy. The recruitment process was difficult as the project required commitment and mobilization from the participants. Ultimately, however, it was successful.

Subsidized employment was the most popular form of support. Participants were not only able to gain professional experience, but also permanent jobs - after completing their participation in the project, many were employed on a long-term basis. Afterwards, we were thanked by many for helping them make a life change and for supporting them to overcome their problems. This is enough motivation for further work, but also proof that our project is a piece of good work.

Ewelina Wojtas,
project participant

After graduating from high school and passing my high school diploma, my great adventure in life began. I left Poland and visited quite a big part of the world. The journey started with England. But then it got very exotic – I lived and worked in Guatemala, Australia, Vietnam and Bali. In all those places I worked as a marketing and social media specialist – for both small coffee shops and larger companies. However, I was self-taught, I had no education in that field, nor did I go through any professional courses or training.

After years of traveling the world, I finally longed for peace and stability. I made the decision to come back home. I wanted to start working in a profession I knew well, but the reality of the situation significantly verified my plans. That was a real cold shower. I couldn’t find myself in the domestic job market, and subsequent advertisements from employers required education and certified skills. I found my chance in the “New Perspectives for the Youth” project. My career counselor and I identified my needs. I went through two training courses, including a course on building websites in WordPress. It turned out to be very helpful because it was strictly about what I had specialized in up to that point.

Participating in the project helped me find a job. I gained self -confidence and I could finally confirm my skills with documents. As I had plenty of experience, I found a job at INTER-MED Medical Center, where I continue my professional career.

The photograph shows Ewelina Wojtas. A woman with long, curly blonde hair sits cross-legged, holding a laptop in her lap. There is a skateboard behind her.


New Perspectives for the Youth
Beneficiary: Recon Consulting Sp. z o.o.
Project amount: ca. PLN 3.6 million
PO WER subsidy: over PLN 3.4 million
Implementation period: January 2019 – June 2021