The digital dimension of business

Courage, passion and creativity – these are crucial qualities of future entrepreneurs. Marcin Wójcik has all of them and one day he decided to go all or nothing and open a web design company. He fulfilled his professional goals with the help of “ICT Competence Academy – Business Incubator” project.

The photograph shows Marta Kozłowska. The elegantly dressed woman with long blonde hair and folded arms is smiling.

Marta Kozłowska,
Project Manager “ICT Competence Academy – Business Incubator” from BLUEFORM Marcin Kozłowski

ICT sector is one of the fastest growing in our region. For years, we have seen a real boom in ICT services and incredible demand for experts in this field. High-tech market has positions not only for developers, but also webmasters, architects and database administrators, graphic designers, and even lawyers or SEO specialists.

Our experience, and we have specialized in the ICT industry for more than a decade, shows that entrepreneurs in this sector can easily win customers in markets around the world, and their companies can quickly gain stability in the market. Therefore, we have developed a project for residents of the region over 30 years of age, who intended to professionally engage in the industry of modern information technologies.

Participants were offered training in business management, accounting and taxes, labor law, communication with the business community and marketing activities. They then received grants to open their own businesses and transitional support, which they could use to cover rent, fees, and health contributions. They were assisted by our coaches and advisors who helped their new start-ups to survive the most difficult first year of operation.

The companies started within this project included programming, web and portal design, IT device management and photography.

Marcin Wójcik,
owner of

I have been involved in the ICT industry since the beginning of my professional career. I gained experience first as a freelancer, board member of a local association, then as a manag er of various companies. I also ran my own business for two years, which I had to suspend after a while. All of this allowed me to specialize and when I thought about starting a business again, I knew exactly what area I wanted to work in.

Looking for support, I came across information about the project “ICT Competence Academy – Business Incubator”. When preparing my business plan, I defined my business profile in great details. I used the grant to purchase specialized computer equipment that not only provides high quality services, but also ensures a high comfort of work. I started my business in 2018. I f ocus on website development, infrastructure maintenance hosting services and SEO. I have regular customers that I work with on subscription basis, which gives me the stability and a chance to grow my business. I found transitional support particularly useful because in the first period of business activity it was a safety buffer for me.

Self-employment brings me satisfaction. When starting a business, however, it’s worth remembering that, especially in the beginning, it’s a 24-hour job. You have to be flexible and adapt to market needs. However, if you like challenges, it’s really worth it!

The photograph shows Marcin Wojcik. The man, with a short haircut, wearing a blue shirt, is sitting at a desk with a monitor and a telephone.


ICT Competence Academy - Business Incubator
Beneficiary: BLUEFORM Marcin Kozłowski
Project amount: ca. PLN 2.5 million
ROP SV subsidy: ca. 2.4 million
Implementation period: March 2017 - June 2019