An efficient business

Many people dream about running their own business. However, not everyone has the capital to start and the determination o stay ahead of the competition, rather than chasing it. They usually have never-ending excuses. But none of them were ever mentioned by Michał Kurka, a participant of the project “Activation of young unemployed people in the city of Katowice (III)”. With EU support, he set up company providing professional video content and online streaming.

The photograph shows Iwona Woźniak-Bagińska. The woman with straight, light hair is holding her glasses in her right hand.

Iwona Woźniak-Bagińska,
Director of the District Employment Office in Katowice

Getting started your professional career is a very important step. It is the first job that often determines your future career. Young people who dream of quickly gaining independence want to find their job as soon as possible. The longer they remain unemployed, the more anxious, frustrated and discouraged they start to feel.

Their problems are often the effect of local labor market imbalances, a difficult global economic situation, and differences between their skills and the needs of a reforming economy. Despite the turbulence and the clear gap between expectations and market opportunities, young people are still optimistic about finding a new job after graduation. They believe that for an employer, qualifications are the main determining factor in hiring, but in reality, work experience is equally important.

In order to help young people find their way in the labor market, we implemented an EU project in which over four hundred people took advantage of professional internships and 221 residents of Katowice received non-refundable funds for starting a business. We approached each participant individually, allowing them to choose the form of support according to their professional predispositions and labor market expectations. Those who decided to open their own business chose a variety of industries, including beauty, events, advertising, cab, and even theater or law.

Michał Kurka,
project participant, owner of Fresco Media company

I gained my first professional experience in local and university media while still in college. As part of the “Pearl Catchers” project, I also did an internship at local television news (Fakty TVN). After earning my degree, I decided to commercialize my knowledge and media skills t o create professional video content. However, I didn’t have enough resources to launch the business on m y own. I registered with the district employment office, where I learned about the possibility of obtaining an EU grant. I used the mone y to buy high-end video equipment, because in my business, image quality matters most. I started the company in 2018. I focused on online streaming because a few years ago it was still a pretty niche service. I work on private events such as weddings, as well as various conferences and business meetings. I also broadcast sporting events, such as futsal games. I’m everywhere where streaming services are needed.

Professionally, I do what I enjoy doing. I am the mast er of my time. I don’t hide the fact that my own business means also a bigger income. But probably the biggest advantage, at least in my industry, is the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people with whom I can build professional relationships. The nature of my work also means that I get to go places that I would otherwise never go to. Working with academics or in book promotion has been a valuable professional experience for me. I am still developing the company, with plans to hire new employees. However, I would not have achieved this success if it were not for EU assistance. A business start-up grant is a really effective aid which, especially at the beginning, is an invaluable support.

The photograph shows Michał Kurka. The man wearing a gray T-shirt, cap and dark glasses is sitting next to the film equipment. He is turning to the photographer, smiling, and showing a raised thumb.


Activation of young unemployed people in the city of Katowice (III)
Beneficiary: District Employment Office in Katowice
Project amount: ca. PLN 7 million
PO WER subsidy: ca. PLN 7 million
Implementation period: January 2017 – December 2018