The world’s greatest profession

“Find a job you like and you’ll extend your week by five days”, that’s what an American writer Harriett Jackson Brown Jr used to say. Ewa Broja, who changed her stressful job as an electro-radiologist to that of a nursery worker, decided to take a similar approach. Today she can say she really enjoys her job. The project “This can be You – comprehensive support programs for the unemployed” of the District Employment Office in Zabrze helped her fulfill her professional dreams.

The photograph shows Elżbieta Korecka. The woman with short, dark hair is elegantly dressed.

Elżbieta Korecka,
Director of the District Employment Office in Zabrze

Zabrze is a post-industrial city, where many districts have been degraded due to economic changes. To restore neglected neighborhoods their former glory, intensive revitalization efforts have been made in the city for the past years. In addition to upgrading infrastructure, it was also extremely important to activate the residents. In the course of research and consultations carried out for the Local Revitalization Program for Urban Areas of Zabrze, we identified some disturbing socio-economic problems in certain areas, such as: low entrepreneurship index, high level of unemployment or lack of motivation to take up a job. The answer to the diagnosed problems was the project “This can be You – comprehensive support programs for the unemployed”.

We have directed our assistance to groups that are less successful in the currently difficult and demanding labor market. We have prepared diverse forms of support: from job matching to training, internships and intervention works. Career counselors worked with participants on their motivation to take action, taught them the principles of time management and effective interpersonal communication, and helped them professionally prepare to apply for jobs. In addition to career counseling and job matching, internships and intervention jobs were offered, as well as vocational courses, which were the most popular. There were cases when it was necessary to organize several forms of support for one person in order to maximize his or her professional potential in the eyes of a future employer. Sometimes the entrepreneurs themselves indicated the competencies that our clients should acquire. Over the course of two years, more than a hundred residents of Zabrze benefited from the support provided by the project.

Ewa Broja,
project participant

My choice of career path was largely determined by my parents. They wanted me to get certified as an electroradiology technician. And that’s what I did. I worked in this profession for a dozen years before changing it for medical registrar position. This job did not satisfy me, either. I wanted to change it, but I lacked the courage to do it. In the meantime, I had children and focused on family life. It wasn’t until I was made redundant that I decided I wanted to work in a profession that would give me joy, not despair.

My family always told me I was great with kids. So I decided to go in that direction. I registered with the district employment office. That’s where I learned about an EU pr oject and the possibility of gaining new qualifications. With the help of a course leader, I chose to train as a caregiver in a nursery or children’s club.

During the classes I learned the rules o f conducting developmental games for children and first aid procedures for the youngest. After gaining new qualifications through intervention works, I started working at a branch of Municipal Nursery in Zabrze-Rokitnica. Today I’m wondering why it took me so long. This work gives me incredible joy and energy. I love taking care of children, watching them grow and learn about the world with each passing day. When you are passionate about your work, you don’t feel tired or fatigued. Every day brings new challenges. I am more professionally fulfilled than ever. I interact with children and no longer do monotonous and stressful paperwork. I feel like I made the most of this opportunity.

The photograph shows Ewa Broja. The woman with dark hair pinned back is touching the colorful flowers and butterflies cut out of paper that hang from the ceiling.


“This can be You - comprehensive support programs for the unemployed"
Beneficiary: City of Zabrze
Project amount: ca. PLN 1.1 million
ROP SV subsidy: ca. 1 million
Implementation period: January 2019 - April 2021