Look boldly into the future

Angelika Fijał has long worked in a position that did not bring her satisfaction. However, she lacked the courage and motivation to change. And maybe a small impulse that would push her in the right direction. It came with an EU project. Today, she pursues her career and encourages others to look boldly into the future as well.

The photograph shows Ewa Labus. The elegantly dressed woman has long hair and she’s wearing glasses.

Ewa Labus,
Deputy Director, Regional Employment Promotion Agency Foundation

Monitoring the Silesian labor market, we regularly identify groups of young people who have no plan for their professional development. They don’t know what they want to do, they have no qualifications, and they lack motivation to change their situation. This group is referred to as NEETs, (“Not in Education, Employment or Training”). When we were preparing to implement the “Need for NEET 2” project, the market was saturated with young people completely unprepared for employment. In part, this is a result of the elimination of vocational schools. Young people today are educated “generally”, they are not directed towards any specific professions, nor encouraged to try them. They are not ready to make any changes in their lives, either. As a result, entering the job market, they already have difficulties with coping with their employers’ expectations.

We supported 85 people. Classes with a psychologist helped them to believe in themselves and discover the determination needed to make changes in their lives. Meetings with a career counselor and an employment agent helped map out their career paths. Training and courses also played an important role. Our project would not be complete, however, if we did not provide opportunities for gaining work experience. We did it in the form of subsidized employment. Our participants were placed under the wing of the employer for a minimum of six months, where they learned the practical side of their profession.

Angelika Fijał,
project participant

Satisfaction is the key aspect of career for me. I really missed it in my previous job. There were times when I had to force myself to come into the office and spend the ne xt eight hours glancing at the clock. I guess there are people for whom a paycheck every month is enough to stay on a given position, but for me it wasn’t enough. I felt like I was suffocating. I had to make a change.

The opportunity for change came to me with the “Need for NEET 2” project, which I heard about from a friend. I started with the meetings with a career counselor. Together, we established a path that I later followed assiduously. We decided it would be a good idea to combine work with my interests. For several years, as a hobby, I performed minor beauty treatments for my friends in my home. Everyone always praised my skills and suggested that I should go in that direction. I figured it was the best time. So I took advantage of training and professional courses on eyelash styling. Shortly after completion, still as part of the project, I found a job in a beauty salon in Siemianowice Śląskie, where... I still work today. I can’t complain on boredom or routine anymore. Every day is different, I get to interact with people and do what I really enjoy, plus I’m constantly learning and developing.

Today, as my life has changed, I wanted to tell others not to give up and to boldly follow their professional dreams. And if you have no idea what to do with your career, let my story be an inspiration to you. I am sure a good career counselor will be able to help you.

The photograph shows Angelika Fijał. The woman with light hair is sitting behind her manicure table. She is wearing a blue apron and gloves. She is smiling.


Need for NEET 2
Beneficiary: Regional Employment Promotion Agency Foundation
Project amount: ca. PLN 1.5 million
PO WER subsidy: ca. PLN 1.4 million
Implementation period: February 2019 – January 2021