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Jump up, down, push-up, squat... In Holibody workout room you can expect a good sweat. But it is so worth it and highly beneficial for your health and physical fitnesss. Małgorzata Czerwonka has been professionally involved in training and nutrition counseling for two years. She used the support offered by the “Activation of the unemployed aged 30+ registered in the District Employment Office in Jaworzno (IV)” project.

The photograph shows Łukasz Curyło. The man with short hair and stubble is wearing a suit. He has his hands folded across his chest.

Łukasz Curyło,
Director of the District Employment Office in Jaworzno

Job seekers in Jaworzno are dominated by residents over 30 years of age. They account for nearly 78% of the total number of unemployed. Unlike young people just entering the workforce, loss of job stability for this age group is a very serious problem. However, the unique asset of people 30+ is their experience and knowledge, which, if properly oriented, may help them find a new career path. This group is also supported by EU funds.

As part of the project “Activation of the unemployed aged 30+ registered in the District Employment Office in Jaworzno (IV)” we offer trainings, professional internships, grants for opening a business, intervention works, employment at a fully equipped workstation and many other benefits. With the support of vocational counseling, we prepare an Individual Action Plan for each participant to adjust the assistance to his/her actual needs. We do the same for the employers. The unemployed most often use grants for starting their own businesses. They operate mostly in cosmetics, automotive, and repair and construction sectors. Employers, on the other hand, most often apply for organizing professional traineeships and creating new workplaces by means of additional equipment. These forms of support translate into the highest employment effectiveness. It should be emphasized that the interest in the project increases with each subsequent edition.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the support offered by the project has been expanded with co-financing the costs of employee salaries and social security contributions for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. We spent over PLN 3.1 million for this purpose, which allowed us to save as many as 774 jobs.

Małgorzata Czerwonka,
owner of Holibody company

I worked as a management assistant for a real estate company. I used to run to fitness classes after work because it was my biggest passion. After I had my baby, I decided not to go back to my paperwork job and to professionally do what I love – sport.

I have a post-graduate degree in movement therapy, and prior to that I earned my fitness instructor and personal trainer certifications. However, I lacked the resources to open a business. I r egistered at the District Employment Office where I found out about the possibility of obtaining money to start my own business from the EU project. Getting through the maze of regulations was not easy. But it was so worth it because it gave me the opportunity to get to know the market and tailor my offering to what customers are looking for today. I used the mone y to buy equipment: benches, barbells, kettlebells, crates and medicine balls. I opened my business in August 2019 and I tr ain in my own workout room, which proved an excellent option during the pandemic. When the gyms were closed, I was able to work non-stop.

In my work, apart from the knowledge of movement therapy and biomechanics of movement, empathy is extremely important. The client must feel safe and know that the suggested forms of exercise will help them get back into shape. That’s why I approach training holistically - it’s not just diet and exercise that matters, but also sleep and recovery.

After two years, I can say that being self-employed gives you great independence. To be successful, it’s a good idea to find a niche where you can stand out. Then you definitely have a chance to conquer the market. And according to the sports maxim: you must not give up, but fight for yourself to the end!

The photograph shows Małgorzata Czerwonka. The woman with dark hair is wearing glasses and sports clothes. She has boxing gloves she’s keeping her guard up. She is smiling.


Activation of the unemployed aged 30+ registered in the District Employment Office in Jaworzno (IV)
Beneficiary: District Employment Office in Jaworzno
Value of the project: ca. PLN 7.8 million
ROP WSL co-financing: ca. PLN 7.8 million
Implementation period: January 2019 – December 2022