Looking for your own path

There are times when even qualifications and experience will not help you find a job. A slip? A failure? Or maybe just bad luck? It’s not always worth analyzing the cause. One thing is certain: it’s up to you whether a difficult experience pushes you into action or cuts you down. The story of Rafał Dragon from Tarnowskie Góry shows that one must not give up.

The photograph shows Aleksandra Pośpiech. The woman has long hair and she’s wearing glasses. She is smiling.

Aleksandra Pośpiech,
Program Specialist of the District Employment Office in Tarnowskie Góry

The vast majority of people registered at the Employment Office in Tarnowskie Góry are over 30 years old. This group includes a great number of professionals, specialists in various fields, who are ready to take the job but for very different reasons have not yet found their professional path. Our research shows that nearly 30% of unemployed people report a lack of offers for the positions they are searching as their main barrier to employment. That’s a large group that needed to be supported.

“Activation of the unemployed aged 30+ registered in the District Employment Office in Tarnowskie Góry (IV) ” project is the answer to the needs of our local labor market. Our assistance was targeted primarily at people in particularly difficult situations, i.e., the disabled, the long-term unemployed, those with low qualifications, women, and people over 50. We offered vocational counseling, job matching, and activation in the form of internships, intervention works, and refunds of costs of equipment or additional equipment for workstations. We also provided the opportunity to obtain a non-refundable grant to start one’s own business. The latter option is the most popular. Slightly fewer people are also taking advantage of subsidized employment. Internships and intervention jobs are also attractive for employers - they can train an employee to perform specific duties at minimal costs.

Interest in the project was very high. Recruitment went smoothly because of the great number of people who needed this kind of support.

Rafał Dragon,
project participant

After graduating from technical school, I took a variety of jobs, gaining knowledge and skills primarily through practice. I usually worked as a warehouseman, including at an electronics store. One day I got an interesting job offer which I really wanted to take. So I gave my notice. It quickly became apparent that the new proposal didn’t work out, and my old position was already taken. This left me with nothing. Searching for a new job, all I c ould find were positions with a contract of mandate or task-specific contract. I needed stability and financial security, so I didn’t want any of these contracts.

After several months, I finally found the perfect offer. Dental Tree company needed a person responsible for organizing the warehouse and online store support. I didn’t have any second thoughts. I turned to the employment office in Tarnowskie Góry for help. Thanks to participation in the project, I got employed on an intervention basis.

Today, I am primarily involved in operating forklifts, receiving deliveries, transporting products and keeping the entire facility running smoothly. The commitment of the team, and my bosses, makes the company grow fast, which makes the prognosis for the future optimistic. I have gained stable employment and I can use my knowledge and experience in my job. I feel like I’ve found my place for the long haul.

So if someone is in doub t, unable to find their own path, then they should definitely use help offered by such projects. This is a huge convenience that often determines how quickly we find a job that meets our expectations.

The photograph shows Rafał Dragon. The man is wearing a black cap and yellow service vest. He’s sitting behind the wheel of a forklift.


Activation of the unemployed aged 30+ registered in the District Employment Office in Tarnowskie Góry (IV)
Beneficiary: District Employment Office in Tarnowskie Góry
Value of the project: over PLN 16 million
ROP WSL co-financing: over 16 million PLN
Implementation period: January 2019 – December 2022